There are several medical steps to this process, the total amount is not due up front. I’d like to inform everyone of the cost break down for each of the items. This isn’t about just mine and Tom’s journey, this is also a way to spread infertility awareness. One of the biggest things that is not known is that most insurance companies do not cover IVF and other fertility treatments. It is not required by any type of law. Therefore, couples whose only option for a biological child is IVF, all costs are out of pocket or through assistance such as grants and fundraising. So here’s the break down on just the hormone treatment to prepare the female body for a medically placed embryo.

Our fertility clinic offers an IVF Frozen Embryo Cycle Package which includes:

• Transvaginal ultrasound monitoring

• Estradiol blood tests

• Frozen embryo transfer

• Transabdominal ultrasound for embryo transfer

• Embryo transfer procedure room fee

• Thawing of cryopreserved embryo(s) per straw

• Preparation of Embryo for transfer

Total= $3,335.00

Extended Culture of Embryo – $1000

Thawing of additional straws – $250

Thawing protocol for vitrified embryos – $400 (may not need depending on freezing method used on the embryos)

Hormone treatment (medication to prepare body to become pregnant) – $1000

New Patient physical to ensure carrier is healthy and can safely carry a pregnancy – $250-$500

Saline Ultrasound and test embryo implantation (ensure that doctors can place an embryo into the uterus)- $400

Infectious disease test – (In our case this is times 4; myself, Tom, Julia, and her husband) $80 per person = $320

GC/Chlamydia test (both couples have to be STD free) – $250 per person = $1000

Bringing the medical total to $7,755

This does not cover the legal fees associated with the requirement of having a family lawyer for the contracts and such. Nor does it cover costs of the pregnancy itself. I do not have the exact numbers for the lawyer as of yet. Therefore, I planned approximately $2,000 for that portion of our expected cost. Also please note that we have already done the IVF cycle which involved hormones for myself, egg retrieval, and egg fertilization; we paid $17,000 for that piece of this journey two years ago. And finally, these costs depend on your region and the clinic you chose to use. Feel free to message me with any questions.