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One of the first things I did in order to encourage my weight loss was buy a FitBit. I didn’t need all the bells and whistles, I just needed a step counter that I could wear. I looked into other options and nearly bought one that tracks swimming, not FitBit brand. Ultimately my decision hinged on cost. My FitBit Flex was $30 on Groupon for a refurbished one.   

Man did I learn fast that I don’t walk nearly has much as I thought I did. I have to work really really hard to get 10,000 steps, most days I can’t. So, I reevaluated and decided to lower my step goal to 7,000.  Why?

Because if you set your goal too high you just discourage yourself from succeeding  Seeing myself fail everyday, setting myself up for failure everyday was detrimental to my fitness goal. 

So here’s what I did, I took my average number of steps a day and add 1,000. A thousand more a day is easier than say 4,000 more a day. The plan is once I’ve reach my goal everyday for two weeks I’ll increase the goal by a 1,000. Eventually I’ll get to the 10,000 a day that the FitBit recommends. 

I also make it a point to log one meal a day into my FitBit activity log. That’s it, at least one meal a day. Now, FitBit always looks like you get very few calories unless you’ve been really active. The number of calories you are allowed is based off your resting metabolism. So it’s super discouraging, I’m usually over calories after breakfast. This is why I also log my food in MyFitnessPal. I’ll explain calorie goals and the like in another post as it gets pretty confusing. 

Finally, the FitBit wants you to be active for 30 minutes straight everyday and exercise five times a day. That was too much for someone who hadn’t exercised in months. I lowered my daily active minutes to 20 and set my goal to exercise 3 days a week. Once both become easy and routine I’ll increase those goals. 

The overall goal is to do more than what I was doing before, but not to push myself so hard that I give up because I never meet the goals. And that is what I encourage everyone to do. Look at what you do daily and go up a little bit. Only increase as each goal is met, becomes easy, and becomes so routine that you don’t think about it or have to force yourself to meet it.