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I know it’s January, everyone makes it a New Years resolution to lose weight. But when my five foot self stepped on a scale one day and saw 200 pounds, this became something more than a resolution. 

Now I’ve lost weight in the past and it’s always been a challenge, I mean it is for anyone. But because of my MRKH and the ways it has affected certain skeletal components, the types of exercises I can do are limited. So I rely primarily on diet to lose the weight. 

Last year I started this journey and was completely sabotage by well meaning comments that essentially just berated me when I had a rough day and all I wanted was pizza. They told me all the health reasons why I needed to lose weight. One went so far as to claim she knew more about my health history than I did. *eye roll* 

This time I will blog about my struggles,  because I need a way to voice them. And because maybe there is someone out there with similar struggles and they need to read that they are not alone. 

Today I weighed myself and I’d lost five pounds, five pounds in 21 days. This is not going to be quick and it’s not going to be easy. More on what I’ve been changing to come. 

Stay tuned