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My husband is a brilliant man. He is an aerospace engineer currently working on his PhD in aerospace engineering. The man can do incredible things. He can explain to you why different planes use different propellers and engines. He can tell you the difference between a Prat and Whitney and a General Motors engine, well if you’re a citizen of the United States anyway. He can tell you how a gearbox inside an airplane engine fails. He can tell you how expensive it is to sent a satellite into orbit and how much different launch types will cost.

My husband can also rebuild a car engine. I’ve watched him replace every single part of a four wheel drive front end in less than two days. I saw him repair a car the should not have even been operable any longer and help a friend get a few thousand more miles out of that car. He’s a wiz at brake jobs, tire and brakes shops aren’t as quick as he is by himself. And oil changes, the only reason the quick lubes are faster is because they have the pits.

Yes I am a lucky girl. I married a man who in less than five years of marriage has been able to supply us with two new, not going to break down, cars were the only maintenance we now do is of routine and not overhaul verity. Because of his capabilities I can go to college myself full-time and only work part-time.

All of that brilliance, people sing his praise and they remind me of how lucky I am that he fell in love with me. A technical high school drop out, who when we met was working as a housekeeper at the local hospital. That soon to be college grad took a liking to me. And they wondered at his decision. But they do not openly question it because of his brilliance in other matters.

Now he is about to get that PhD and I am finally about to get a bachelor’s degree. But I am still several rungs below him on brilliance and worthy scale, even eight years after we first met.

I wish I could say that I thought my husband was as brilliant as all those other people say he is. I wish that I could do my Christianly wifely duty and keep my mouth shut and not complain about the man who provides for me. But I just have to tell someone, even if no one reads this and it just goes off into Internet Neverland. In my opinion my husband is actually quite stupid. And his brilliance in other areas has guaranteed that he did not have to build up intelligence else where.

And granted it’s not stupidity really although that’s the best descriptor I have for this phenomenon. You see he is so brilliant, so tied up in his world of technology and computers that he cannot see the real world. Or rather the other world, the one in which we mere mortals must reside. He literally throws fits and gets very angry when ask him to join this other world. Take tonight for instance. Something occurred that always occurs. I asked him as, I had been responsible for the task all day, if he would feed the dogs. And he got very angry. He got angrier when the dogs began to misbehave. Occurrences that do not take place when I preform the task. But it starts a fight. Because I do not understand how such tasks are beneath him, but not beneath me.

I am also tired of fact that the only way I can have conversations with this man and his brilliance is to have fights with him. Or to suffer through how apparently, he is not only a genius in his area of study, but mine too it would seem. In all of his brilliance, it seems that one is not allowed to have opinions different from him. And if you do have different opinions, he takes delight in belittling you of your ideas. And it can be quite frustrating.

And I realize that seemed to be a random tirade, but it had a purpose. You see my point is, that no one sees his faults except for me. And reader or Internet Neverland, you too are bound to believe that I am wrong and he is right. It is part of his brilliance. No one ever sees literally or figuratively, his bad side. That is reserved for me in our home. And so if I were a dumber woman I would be the victim of gas lighting. Because you see he tries to twist my words and my feelings and tries to contrive to show that things are my fault. I was overtly sensitive, I deliberately interrupted his state, any of those excuses. And they would work on someone else. That someone would be someone who could not see passed the brilliance. If I were any other woman I would be blinded by his brilliance and never see beyond that to the flawed and broken man underneath. So I take the criticism of being less, of being intolerant, and even of being the abusive one. Because dear reader and Internet Neverland, you see he has hoodwinked you. My husband, this brilliant man, the possible Einstein of our age, has gas lighted the world.