Today I am definitely killing it. I’m almost done with the laundry. I’m also nearly finished with the last paper for my Modern American Women history class. I also got on the stationary bike and burned off my breakfast. I also remembered to start thawing the Italian sausage for spaghetti tonight. And Husby and I are hitting the gym tonight for leg day.

And I discovered there is no excuse for not working out. Here’s why:

I did three sets of eight calf raises while in the shower washing my hair and face. So I got to thinking where else could I add exercise in my daily routine?

Well as a college student I have to wait for the crosswalk light a lot. So, there’s another opportunity for calf raises. I can speed walk even if I’m not running late. Last night I learned that I can walk a  15 minute mile. I’ll definitely be putting that knowledge to use. And of course there’s always the obvious, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

What are some ways you have incorporated spots of exercise into your daily routine? I’m interested in adding more.