When Abortions Stopped Making Sense

I read this article, Link posted above. And it got me thinking, about how things are and abortions. I just had to write not so much a response, as just getting my thoughts down. I may need to analyze them again later. 

I’m inclined to be like if you don’t want to get pregnant, take the pill, use a condom, or just not have sex. But there are problems with that. 
Abortion is a hard subject for me. My desire for personal freedoms wars with a jealousy toward woman who use abortion as a form of birth control when I am not even given an option of whether I want to be pregnant or not. I see these women as throwing away something that I would give my life for. I also see it as going against my religious beliefs. 
However, I am not so naive as to thinking that there’s not a medical necessity for abortions. I am not so naive as to think that all pregnancies are the result of sex. Some pregnancies are the result of rape. Women make the decision to have abortions for a verity of reason that I cannot begin to understand. 

I do know, as a historian that in the past thousands of women died from improper abortions or from pregnancies were an abortion was medically necessary, but illegal. Bottom line though? I agree with this woman in the fact that many women may feel that their only option is abortion. And that’s society’s fault. Why are we still frowning on unwed mothers? Last time I checked it takes two to make a baby. 

And feminist alert: the only one who can carry a baby is a female with a uterus. Now a man can just walk away and society doesn’t stigmatize him. But the woman is, she condemned for having unprotected sex, she is condemned for having an abortion, she is condemned for being an unwed mother. But the man? He’s walking around scot free probably getting another women pregnant. Maybe the issue isn’t abortions or sex or adoption or any of that. Maybe, just maybe, the issue is our society and our culture. Why after two waves of feminism are women still being condemned? Traditionalist against feminist who shun all things feminine and feminist against traditionalist who want to still be Susie Homemaker. Our common enemy isn’t men, it’s social norms.