In case anyone has missed it, we’re facing another government shutdown over Planned Parenthood. Look ya’ll, this isn’t funny. A House of Representatives that cannot agree to the point of shutting everything down over birth control and abortion, is not a legislative body that is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. 
For me, with some exceptions that I’ve already stated, abortion is morally wrong. However, not everyone has the same moral compass I do. And it is not right of me to force feed another my views. But I don’t believe that birth control is wrong and Planned Parenthood provides these medications. They also provide yearly exams for woman. Are they selling fetus parts? I don’t really know, and yes that’s wrong. And I say defund them if they are, unless the mother is giving consent. We adults who are organ donors are along our bodies to be cut up. 
Sorry tangent. This is a ridiculous thing to be shutting the government down over. Birth control and abortion are things the government should have nothing to do with. Not all members are doctors. So they don’t have the training. 
But what really bothers me that I don’t think people understand is, if they can tell women what to do with their bodies than what else can they do?