I would like to take a moment to ask ya’ll to roll play or use your imaginations. If you aren’t married please imagine that you are. 
Now imagine that you and your spouse have been married for a few years and that you want to start a family. Imagine it’s the one thing that you want most in the whole world. 
Now imagine that you can’t, that no child will ever be born as as a symbol of your love without the help of modern medical science. 
Now imagine that the two of you have decided to use medical science. Now imagine you’re told that insurance doesn’t cover any of it. Not the office visits, not the medications, not the medical procedures, not the lab work, nothing, none of it. 
But you and your spouse are determined and you thrift and save and do everything so that you can have this baby. But it’s hard and you fight and getting gas to go to work makes you think twice. You stop buying even the most simple of things. You discover what really is a necessity as opposed to a luxury. 
And then after all of that, after you’ve made the decision to continue and you start your basic rounds of medication, you discover there are fees outside of the package price that you nearly broke yourself to find. 
You’re about to start, all your ducks are in a row and then you find out that you need another $5,250 and you need it now. In a week you start serious medication that cost $3,000. All out of pocket. 
Is you heart racing? Are you scared? Are you maybe going to have a panic attack? Are you about to cry? 
For millions of couples this very scenario is their reality. This is mine and my husband’s life right now. This is what we live everyday and everyday we pray that there’s a miracle and we can find away. 
This is what infertility looks like. It looks like fear, anger, desperation, and heartbreak. But there is always always hope, and that hope hides and shields a lot of shed and unshed tears.