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Well I got a hold of my mother in law. So now I can share with everyone. 

  While I am not pregnant and never will be, I got awesome news during my appointment with our RE. Dr. Craig was finally able to see my ovaries on an ultrasound. She counted a total of eight little black dots, so eight eggs are visible without stimulation. 

This means that as soon as my blood work comes back in two weeks I should begin my medication to have eggs removed. We will be coordinating with Dr. Craig’s schedule, but retrieval will probably be 10-12 weeks from now. 
This is huge news for us. We have been working for two years to get to this point. It’s also very personal for me, as the journey to just see my ovaries as literally been painful. Also, for me this is science and love telling my first OBGYN that she was wrong. Twelve years ago that woman told me that I would never have a biological child. 
OBGYN and RE clinics are not happy places for me, but today that changed. 
And now because I’m weird and I’ll never get an ultrasound shot of a little peanut shape that means there’s a baby inside me. I’m going to share the totally awesome shot of one of my healthy ovaries.