This my response to this article:
I am a follower of Christianity. I believe that there is a God and that he sent his son as our prophet to forgive us our sins. 
I also believe that He is a loving God. Yes I’ve read Leviticus. But I do not believe that God is going to damn a bunch of my friends and family to hell because of who they chose to love. 
Also, I feel that these preachers and their followers are a bunch of hypocrites. These men and women who plan civil disobedience against gay marriage. I find I have a problem with their need to pick and choose parts of the Bible as they are relevant to their purposes. 
Let me first start off with that in the U.S. until the late 1950s there was an unspoken taboo about divorce. Women especially were labeled harshly for having been divorced. Prior to about 1956 there had to be fault before a divorce. Someone had to be insane, an adulterer, abusive, or straight up abandoned their family to be able to divorce. But divorce did exist President Andrew Jackson was married to a divorced woman. But it was preached against. 
What does this have to do with gay marriage? I wonder how many of those who have signed this document are divorcees? Because Mathew 19:7-9, how many have divorced because it “just didn’t work out?” Well they and you have sinned. Jesus commanded that we not divorce, he repealed the laws of Moses. Hmmm… I bet a lot of people forgot those verses. Or the stink the churches made when the courts made divorce easier. Remember how that was supposed to destroy American values and American civilization? Now you can get a divorce about as easily as you buy a hamburger at McDonald’s. 
So if they’re going to stand against gay marriage they should probably take a stance against divorce, oh wait… That’s right, oops. They can’t, they’d alienate the majority of their followers. Well, crap for them. 
Let me end by saying this, I am not without sin. None of us are therefore let us follow Jesus once again. This time John 8:3-11. There has been much debate of whether this nation was founded to be a Christian nation. I won’t get into that. I will note that it was founded to maintain a separation of church and state. The government cannot favor one religion over another. Therefore, gay marriage is a civil rights issue. A Supreme Court that supports gay marriage is a Supreme Court that is upholding American values. In this case the value of personal liberty.