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The original plan was to write this as a Facebook post and just tag Husby in it. However, I realized that it may become too long for Facebook and thus would have almost no reads. I am hoping in this format I can share on Facebook and then have friends and family message me. Of course any polite, non judgmental public reader response would be most appreciated. With that being said, here goes.

I was born with MRKH it’s a genetical condition that in the simplest explanation means I was born with out a uterus. I have ovaries so IVF and GS are options that Husby and I are working toward.

There is of course another option. One that Husby and I feel called upon to take its option as well. This option of course being adoption. There are some many children in need of homes and loving families in this world. We want to be one of those families. However, the road to adoption is vet confusing and we’re not sure we’re to turn. The internet is actually a hindrance here. There are so many scam sites.

That is the reason for this post. We asking for help. We know how to go about adopting from the state, but what other adoption avenues are there? We’re not saying we don’t want a child from our state agency, we’re saying we don’t trust our state department of child welfare. And we don’t feel comfortable dealing with them. So what are our other options? How do we even start the process? How do home inspections work? How do they handle it if you have in-door out-door large breed dogs?

Can anyone help to point us in the right direction?