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The things I’ve discovered today are as follows:

1) Shelter in place drills suck and make the halls really crowd after the all clear.

2) The polar coordinate system is never going to go away. I must remember x= r cos(theta), y= r sin(theta), theta=arctan(theta), cos=x/r, and sin=y/r.

3) Completing the square is never going away and I should remember how to do it. As is I always “relearn” it for a semester and forget again.

4) Always carry an extra hair tie. Mine broke today and I’m super nervous about walking around with it down. It’s gonna be an even bigger pain to brush tonight.

5) And finally, my dream job after college would be to come back and work in the Math Lab at OCCC. I know almost all of the math professors here. I just love this college and I’d like to give back to it by help future students. I’ve had such a positive experience here and I want to share that experience with others.