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So I expected to see strong feminist leanings in a class titled; “Women in the American West.” I did not expect to see it on the very first day in the very first reading. Could we have eased into the whole “all men are scum who wish to oppress and objectify woman” narrative?

This phrase in the reading tells me all I need to know about how this class is going to go.

“…who find in her either a tool or a victim of Anglo-patriarchal oppression.”

“Anglo-patriarchal oppression”

I’m going to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut in this class. But I need the A and it’s all paper based assignments. There’s no memorizing anything. The two exams are take home exams and we get a week to complete them.

*Source Mirrored Archetypes The Contrasting Cultural Roles of La Malinche and Pocahontas
by Kristina Downs