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Operation get all the laundry done before bedtime has been completed. Now on to operations get all the dishes done by bedtime, get all the clean clothes put away by bedtime, and clean house by bedtime.

I want this all to be done in case my homework, work, football season, and ice skate lessons loads are so much, I only get once a week to clean.

Oh crap! I have do the weekly menu too!

It may seem like I’m over reacting, but I work until 6pm M-F and have classes M-F in the morning. My commute is such that there will not be much time between the two for studying. Which will leave the evenings.

I already know that the homework load for my math class will be insane. And I’m not sure my boss will let me work on homework between deliveries. The reading and paper writing he might. The calculus? Not likely.

And I know I should be seeing to my chores right now, but a girl needs a break.