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Met with my new OU advisor. If I play my cards right it looks like I’ll be off of probation by the spring semester. Also, I am at upper division classes only. And I’m mad because every single advisor at both OCCC and OU lied to me, my associates of science doesn’t not in fact get me out of a foreign language. So looks like I’ll be taking 15 hours of Choctaw. The other good news? If I take inter session and summer classes, even with the language classes, I could still graduate in Spring 2016. So I guess prepare to not see or hear from me for a year. Because between my two jobs and going to class year round, I will have absolutely no free time. But I have to do this, it is so important to our future that I graduate. I will remain strong and I will pass all my classes. And this time around, I know that if it looks like I’m going to fail, just drop the class. Money can be remade, it’s harder to fix my GPA.