So I had a giant list of things to blog about after I got back from vacation. And I did manage to write a couple of those posts. Then I just got super busy, between starting a new job, ice skating lessons, and just typical life things. In another couple of weeks it’s going to get even busier around here. College classes start on the 19th.  I’m only taking two classes this semester for a total of 7 hours, which is more like 23 hours when you factor in homework and studying. Husby will be TAing classes again, was well as working on his dissertation.

I’m also going to start working out and stick to it this time. I plan on starting C25K(Couch to 5k), I’ll go for my first run this evening. So you might get a few posts about how I think I’m dying. 😉 Anyway, my goal is to trying to do at least two new posts a week. I doubt that they will be on any set day, but I do have a goal.