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The other day I shared with ya’ll how Estes has a free shuttle services that go to various locations around town. I wanted to go into more detail about it. It’s such a great service.

The shuttle service offers six different routes known as loops. Each one is denoted by color, with the exception of the one that goes into RMNP.


All six shuttles stop at the Estes Park Visitors Center. This allows you to park without having to mess with downtown traffic. Besides the visitors center is a great place to stop in any way.

Estes Shuttle map


The first loop is known as the Silver Loop, this shuttle will take you into the non tourist part of town. It does stop at a few hotels and resorts. It also stops at the Estes Park Museum as well as the fairgrounds. Most major events are held at the fairgrounds, so this is a great stop.

Silver Shuttle 2


The next loop is the Gold Star or Gold Loop. This loop is strictly downtown. There are several stops along Elk Horn Avenue, which is where all the shops are. If you never use any of the other shuttles, use this one. It’ll save you time and aggravation. Parking in downtown Estes is terrible and pedestrians will run out in front of you. Another great feature of the Gold Star Loop is that you ride on a trolley as opposed to a minibus. I wish I’d taken a picture of the inside, it still has the classic park bench style seats.

Gold Star


The third loop is the Blue Loop, this route takes you to the lodging on the Eastside of town. This includes the lower level of Stanley Village, up a short hill is a grocery store, making this loop super convenient if you’re staying at the KOA, as it stops there as well. The views aren’t anything to write home about. However; again it’ll save you a lot of aggravation if you catch the shuttle into town.



The fourth loop is the Red Loop, this loop goes up Fall River Road. It’s stops are dispersed at the various lodgings along the road. This includes the restaurant Northwest of our hotel that we would get on and off at. Another stop this shuttle made was the Fall River Road RMNP Visitor’s Center. It’s definitely worth stopping in for a visit, there’s even a cafe.

Red Loop


The final around town loop is the Brown Loop. This loop takes to you to most of the RV Parks that are in Estes, as well as one of the other grocery stores. Another stop it makes is the YMCA of the Rockies, which is where most of the large groups stay. It too stops at another RMNP   visitor’s center.



The final shuttle is the Hiker’s Shuttle. This is the only shuttle that actually takes you into RMNP. Keep in mind if you want to get into the park it’s $25 for a week-long access pass. But the shuttle will drop you off at the trail heads to some of the main trails. This I believe includes Longs Peak. But I’m not 100% sure.


Keep in mind the shuttles may not always stop exactly were you want to be, but you can usually get in walking distance of it. Anyway, I hope this helps you out if you ever make the trip to Estes Park, Co.

Pulling Up


For more detailed information about the shuttle services you can check out the official website. Estes Park Shuttle Service