We’ve arrived this morning at about 10. I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but we’ve been to Estes Park several times. I made the first trip here when I was sixteen. It snowed, in June, and Estes had won my heart forever. I personally try to come back every two years. This time I’ve made it back in less than a year!

We’re staying at Deer Crest, it’s an adult only hotel that we absolutely love. We’re stayed here several times before. If you ever make the trip up and don’t have munchkins, I definitely recommend staying here. You see and hear Fall River from your room. If you stay on the second floor you have a private front balcony was well as the social back balcony that faces the river. Ya’ll I’m not explaining this well. Here I’ll share the view I have while sitting here and typing this:

Photo on 7-10-14 at 6.05 PM Photo on 7-10-14 at 6.06 PM #2That’s a Hummingbird at the feeder in the upper right corner. I realize these aren’t the most flattering photos of me, but now I’ve made ya’ll jealous and shown off my new vacation shirt.


Now, back to the start of the day.

We left Limon, Co at 6am. I’m sure it’s a perfectly pleasant little town, but it just kind of depresses us so we wanted a super early start. We went up HW 71 and turned West and headed through Loveland and Big Thompson Canyon. Going through the canyon was really sad, the Big Thompson River jumped its banks last fall. There was so much destruction, my heart broke for all the families that were affected. But the people of Colorado, like all people of the West are a resilient lot and they were rebuilding.

I’d like to share some photos of today’s adventure. I apologize now for the poor quality of some of the photos, I used my phone. Like the goober I am, I left my actual camera in the trunk.





Our first view of the Rockies. I think I took this in Ft Morgan, Co.




About to head into Big Thompson Canyon.




Ok I’m sorry this is my really cruddy photo of driving into the canyon. It in no way does it justice.



This is the Big Thompson River.



I don’t know if any of ya’ll remember the hat that I blogged about a year ago, but this is it. And that waterfall behind me is along Fall River in downtown Estes.





Luck was on our side today. It’s the weekly farm market. I was so tempted to by these beautiful fresh sunflowers, but they’d’ve never made it home. 😦

Well, that’s it for tonight. We did so much walking around that we’re going to go jump in the hot tub. I’ll think of ya’ll dear readers, as I sit in it and stare at the mountains and listen to the river.

Ya’ll have a good night, and blessed dreams. I’ll share more adventures tomorrow, there are plans in the works to ride the tram up the mountain and hike.