I know I slacked off last night and didn’t post about our first day of vacation. But ya’ll there wasn’t much to tell, we were in the car for 8 hours and it was hot. It took an hour to get out of the Oklahoma City metro area, but it did rain all the way to Woodward. Western Oklahoma and Kansas and Eastern Colorado are pretty boring until about 72 miles North of Limon.

Which is where we stayed for the night, Limon, Co. We’ve stopped to rest there before, my aunt can’t make the 12 hour car ride. Anyway, our hotel left a lot to be desired. Now ya’ll, I don’t like to give bad reviews, our hotel was just atrocious and terribly expensive. The only redeeming quality the place had was their incredibly comfortable pillows. But really that’s it, the promised indoor pool was tiny and terribly dirty.

I also told ya’ll that I’d share my daily outfits. And while my shirt was new and very dear to my heart as the proceeds go to MRKH. However, as previously stated, we were in a car for 8 hours. Therefore; it’s a bit tacky looking. But I’ll share it anyway. I think it was the only picture worth taking yesterday since the scenery was so boring. I mean I love my home state, but there’s nothing remotely interesting about corn and wheat fields, windmills, and cows.

Well ya’ll that’s about all the damage I can do for now. I’ll post a new entry later tonight about our first day in Estes Park, Co.

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