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Oh my gracious, I got to go to one of my favorite type of stores today! A home improvement store, now I know what ya’ll are probably thinking, but I just love these stores. There are so many possibilities in them, and since we plan to build a new home in the next few years I like taking notes on products and fixtures I like.

Now, like most people I have favorite departments that I have to go to no matter what each trip. For me these departments are flooring, the nursery, and while not strictly a department the book/magazine rack.

Today we actually needed to go to the flooring department. We needed a package of those little spacer doodads for laying tile. Husby was finally able to repair my kitchen floor. We’ve had an 18 square foot area of exposed concrete for well over two years now. I’ll explain why in a later post.

After grabbing the spacer doohickies and a plastic scraper Husby said would make his life easier, we headed over to the book rack. Now, Husby did not roll his eyes at this stop like he usually does. He’s been on a veritable hunt for a current building code book. Alas, no code book.

But I found two books that I just had to have. These did entice eye rolling, but that’s all part of the charm of our marriage, gratuitous eye rolling at each other.

I am little kid with a new toy excited about these books. The first one is The Complete Photo Guide to Outdoor Building from Black & Decker. The second is Southern Fruit & Vegetable Gardening.

I have not started reading the Southern Fruit & Vegetable. I did however; start reading Outdoor Building. As a matter of fact I began reading it as soon as we got out to the truck. I cannot say enough about this book. I’ve made it through the first topic section and have learned so much.

The book is broken up into seven different topics. The first being about how to plan your building project, including information on different tools and building materials, as well as how to estimate how much of each material you will need. I found this super helpful, especially the chart that breaks down the calculations.

As the title suggests, they include photographed examples of most everything discussed in the chapters. They have also included several projects with plans and complete materials lists. With of course several photographs of the steps. I am especially interested in the different plans for greenhouses.

I definitely recommend purchasing this book if you plan on doing any kind of outdoor building project. I bought my copy at Lowe’s for about $23. Because I love the book so much I wanted to share a link on where you could get a copy. Now I’m wishing I’d bought it from Amazon. šŸ˜‰

The Complete Photo Guide to Outdoor Building



*This post is purely my thoughts and feelingsĀ about the bookĀ The Complete Photo Guide to Outdoor Building. I am not a Black & Decker employee or representative, nor did the company approach me to write this post.