I don’t make this very often, but when I make it I always wonder why not. Anyway,  I don’t even really know what to call this dish.

As most of you know I am the queen of lazy meals. I can turn out some incredible dishes and I also make comfort food like no body’s business. But most nights I go for that path of least resistance, which leads me to today’s recipe.

This pasta dish consists of four ingredients and takes at total of 45 minutes. You’ll need:

12oz package of ziti pasta

1 jar of a spaghetti sauce (I use Hunt’s in a can.)

1 jar of Alfredo sauce

2 cups separated, shredded italian blend cheese

Cook pasta according to the package instruction. Once it is done drain and set a side.


I forgot to take a picture of the next two steps. I seem to be doing a lot of forgetting lately. 😉

Anyway, in a large mixing bowl stir together 1 cup of shredded cheese and the two sauces. Then add the drained pasta to the bowl, mix until the pasta is completely covered in sauce. 

Next pour pasta mixture into a baking dish, here I used a plan ol’ cake pan.

IMG_2079Once all the mixture is in the pan cover with remaining cheese and bake at 350° F for 30 minutes or until cheese has melted and sauce is bubbly.

I’ve been told that this resembles Olive Garden’s baked ziti dish. I honestly can’t say because it’s not something I’ve ever tried. So, if you make it let me know what you think.