I promise this will be the last post about the burglary, unless of course NPD catches the culprits.

My second biggest problem with being victims of a burglary was actually in response to where one of them took place. Earlier this year Hubsy and I bought five acres of land out by the lake. It’s beautiful out there, three of the five acres are covered in trees. When we bought it there was a falling down mobile home and three out buildings. We’ve been systematically tearing down the mobile home on the weekends. And we’d gotten the grounds cleaned up with my new, now stolen, lawn mower.

I loved the place, there are two huge Walnut trees in two different corners. One’s right by the drive and one is where the two roads we set on meet. That’s right, we not only scored five acres of land, we scored a corner lot. Anyway, I could close my eyes and picture two swings, one for each tree. I was going to build one of those big bed swings for the largest of the two trees, and I could just see me on it. I’d hang mosquito netting from the rope so I could lay out there in the evenings and read. We’d moved our RV out there so that even before we started building the house we planned to build out there, we could enjoy it. I could close my eyes and see my dream house up on the lip of the land. Everyone would come to the driveway and because of the trees lining the front of the property, you won’t see the house until you turned and actually started up the drive. It was going to be beautiful.

Walnut treeThe largest Walnut tree, taken the day we closed on the land.

And then last Saturday we went out to do more demo and to mow. And that’s when it all fell a part. I knew right away something was wrong. The place just looked wrong and worse it felt wrong. And I was right. Someone had broken into the RV and the barn. Gone were my chain saw, my riding lawn mower, and the TV out of the RV. I was so upset, full of anger and grief. After the police left I demanded the Husby take me home. I couldn’t stay there a moment longer. My escape, my sanctuary was no more. It had been defiled. It was no longer beautiful and peaceful to me. The birds weren’t singing anymore, the dappled light was no more, the shade that I loved so much had turned to gloomy over shadowing.

A view

This was taken after I mowed for the first time. It wasn’t safe to get my Mustang up the drive until it had been mowed.

Monday evening after Husby got off work we went out there to install a game camera, hoping against hope that we could catch the thief on camera. I didn’t want to stay out there. He had some vague idea that we’d catch the person while we were there. But I wanted to come home, just being on the land filled me with impotence and rage.

We went back out there today, to check the game camera. Husby also wanted to fill the truck with more demolition debris and see if we could get more of the mobile home to come down. I personally didn’t see the point. It was over, that dream of calling that place home shattered for me. But I wasn’t in the mood to argue anymore. We checked the game camera and no footage other then us driving the truck through.  Then we walked down to the barn, where my mower was once stored. Husby wanted to check the area. As we walked down there we heard rustling, Husby pointed the shotgun in the direction of the noise. And out ran a deer. A doe to be exact, it made me smile. My first smile in a week. So we stayed a while and as we were driving down to get to the main road we saw the same deer plus another one. The ran down the side of the road beside the truck, so close I swear I could have touched them.

I’d been arguing with Husby about putting the land on the market, my joy into had been shattered. But now thanks to a couple of deer, I’ve changed my mind. They may have gotten away with my things. They may have taken my sense of security. But I won’t let them take my sanctuary from me, I won’t let them take that joy away from me.

photo%202-2This was taken today, before we left.