More on my getting a ticket while parked in my own driveway. I got really mad of course and had to share this. Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense.

I was told earlier today that I got my ticket because the city is running out of money and needs revenue. We’re a college town, how can we be running out of money?

They could get a helluva lot of revenue if they ticketed all the a*holes on Porter who cross the white lines and double yellows on the curves. Porter is very narrow 4 lane in town that’s also extremely curvy. The speed limit is 30 mph, but everyone speeds. It’s super dangerous, numerous people have been ran off that road. Yet the police department refuses to increase the number of patrols in the area.  They’d also get a lot of revenue if they caught my thief. I pay taxes on two properties, I vote, I obey the law. Except for some super shadily worded law, that I didn’t even know existed. I get my things stolen from me, and I’m punished?!

When did we become a place where it’s all the victims fault? Why is this happening to me? To us? What the heck did Husby and I do? Husby’s a veteran, I don’t know what he did or didn’t do over seas. And I never pull the veteran card but I will now. Damn it, yes he volunteered, but he didn’t volunteer to be potentially shot at so that some jack wads could screw over citizens in the states. I’m starting to feel like we need protection from laws and government organizations, not foreign terrorist.