That’s it. That is absolutely it. I am done. I walked out to get the mail and noticed a piece of paper on my car’s windshield. It’s a ticket, for blocking the sidewalk. Yes, there was an empty place in the driveway. Because you know Husby took his truck to work this morning and I hadn’t gone anywhere today. I notice how the neighbor didn’t get a ticket for doing the something. I notice how NPD won’t patrol streets where people routinely run other’s off the road and drive in two lanes at once. I notice they’re driving around giving me tickets while parked in my driveway. But do you know they don’t appear to be doing? Looking for the a*hole who stole from us. City council meetings here I come. Norman Transcript, be on the look out for an editorial. Because the city ordinance says “no person shall park ON the sidewalk.” Come ticket the neighbor’s friends when the park their motorcycles ON the sidewalk.

All because husby’s  truck was gone so they assumed I was parked behind the other car just be contrary. I’ve parked in that same place everyday for the past year now!