My sister in law was mad at me this morning. She told me that I needed to be more positive. I’m usually a “the glass is entirely full” kind of girl. I mean after all, air has volume.
Anyway there are just some things that even an enteral optimist can’t be cheerful or positive about.
One of these things is an illness that completely disrupts your life.
The other thing that messes your world up and makes it pretty damn impossible to be positive is having your shit stolen. Not once, not twice, but four times.
That’s right, we’ve been burglarized four times in the past week.
The riding lawn mower I bought brand new two months ago was stolen. Before that our chain saw was stolen. Either at the same time or later, someone stole the tv out of my RV. That’s all out are our place in the country.
Then tonight Husby and I discovered that someone had gotten into the Suburban. They took a bag full of craft stuff and DVDs I’d bought for the church nursery I work at.
Did you people get that? They essentially stole from a church. I mean I bought the stuff, but it was going to the church Sunday. 
Yea, I get that we weren’t robbed at gun point or anything. But here’s the deal, this is serious shit. Someone is coming on out property both in the sticks and in town and taking our things.
There’s a serious sense of violation that goes with that. You no longer feel safe and secure in your own home. Our land, my pride and joy. The thing that gave me extreme pleasure to work on to turn it into something great, I can’t go back without getting incredible upset and crying.
This is why right now, I’m not seeing an kind of silver lining. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be able to be more positive. It’s gonna take awhile to get over these emotional and financial set backs.