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Back when my father was on hospice and I wore three hats in our home, primary care giver, housewife, and college student. I had ok I thought I had all my crap together. Seriously, I never fell behind on laundry, but more importantly we had home cooked meals nearly everyday. After my dad pasted away I stopped doing certain things. I think that maybe I had way too much time on my hands and no idea what to do with it. And I was mourning and my husband and I were learning how to be a husband and wife. (I’ll tell that story later.)

Oh darn as usual I’ve digressed. Sorry, ya’ll.

Anyway, meal planning. This was my secret to pretending I had my crap together, this little dry erase calendar that had each meal of the week written down. Why I stopped doing this after Dad died, I’ll never know.

Today I decided after two years of staring at a blank board I was going to start using it again. I know it, along with the little alarm on my phone that reminds me to pull out anything that’s frozen for the following night’s mean, will help keep me on track. We’ve been eating out way too much even though there’s a freezer full of food. Furthermore, it’s hard to lose weight per doctor’s orders if you’re feeding your body junk.

And now my resolution to ya’ll, I am going to try my darnedest to share the recipe for what we had every night. This will include to the best of my knowledge any nutritional information.