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Over on Facebook Dan Pierce of Single Dad Laughing shared another blogger’s post, “I Don’t Have My Shit Together.”

I loved it, I couldn’t have agreed more, it was like Micah was writing everything I’d ever felt.

But then I got to the comments and it all fell apart. My fellow Christians just weren’t getting it.

This is my response to those readers. I started to make this a comment, but it’s just too long.

Anyway, I recommend you read Micah’s post first.

“I Don’t Have my Shit Together”

“Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.”

To my fellow Christians, we do not know one another’s path in life or in Christ. We don’t know how far in the journey each of us are, which I believe was the point of the original blog.

I personally have been angry at God, I think at one point or another we all have, we have questioned out faith. And I would submit that if you’d quit picking and choosing the parts of the bible that you want to believe, I recall there are several places where someone questioned their faith and questioned God.

However, the point is they came back with renewed faith. Be mad at God, it’s ok, He created us He knows we are flawed.

Does a parent stop loving a child when the child becomes mad at them? No, nor will God stop loving us. Like children we will work our anger out and he will forgive us and we will have grown.

Which you know, is the whole point.