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I apologize in advance if this comes out as word vomit. 

I’ve had this on my mind all week and at this point I just gotta get it out there.

I think technology is adding to depression and loneliness. Now I can’t prove it and while I’m sure there maybe some research out there, I’m not sure I want to search through the BS to get to legitimate source links. 

And if I’m so sure of this, why am I writing a blog about it? Aren’t I using technology to get my views across? Yes, I am and I’m trying not to be hypocritical. I think that technology and the internet especially are wonderful tools. Modern communications technology helps us to see new ideas, keep in touch with loved ones, and even make new friends. I mean Husby and I met thanks to an internet dating site, so I mean I’ll be the last to say that the internet is this horrible bad place. 

However, my problem is this; I can’t remember the last time that I had lunch with my best friend that we weren’t on our phones as often as we chatted to each other, oh wait yes I can. It would have been high school, back before you could get on the internet on your cellphone. 

And this past week, Husby has come home and gone straight to his computer without saying a word to me. I understand that he’s working on his doctoral theists, but I can also hear his video game soundtrack, so research isn’t all he’s doing.

Tonight we won’t talk until he comes in to ask me when dinner is. We live in the same house and we probably won’t speak to each other for another two hours. 

There are times, especially these last few days when I have felt completely alone and lonely, even though there is someone else in the house. I can get online and read all about my friend’s lives in a matter of seconds thanks to Facebook, but I haven’t actually to talk to most of them in at least a month. It’s so easy to hit the like button, but apparently so hard to hit a few keys and then hit “dial.”

And while I’m thinking about it, do you know your neighbors? I’ve lived in this house for seven years and I only know two of my neighbors. How did we become so disconnected? In a time when we are supposed to be so connected, I believe we are not. I would venture to say that we are more isolated then our ancestors were. 

I think it’s time we unplugged. 

I am about to prepose a new idea in our home and I would like to ask my readers to do the same. 

This idea is for us to turn off our electronic gadgets and turn to the people in our homes and actually talk to them. I want to try and impose a two hour no gadget break in our home. Everyday for two hours, the computers will be off, the TV will be off, the cellphones will be off, the handheld video games…… You get the idea.

(Here is where I insert that Husby just started cussing at his computer over something, no idea what, but I’m tired of that being the only way I hear his voice.)

Anyway, maybe this crap is just happening at our house. But, I’m tried of being mistress to electronics and a damn computer. I realize that for centuries husbands and wives have had separate pursuits. But my parents at least asked each other how their days went.

Oh look, the internet died and we just had a fight about how I feel about this things. So before I spew more word vomit, I’m signing off.