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Monsanto, everywhere I look I see articles about the company, GMOs and rBST.

Here’s the thing, cross pollination. That’s were pollen from a GMO plant pollinates an organic plant. The USFDA still counts these cross pollinated plants as organic. Take a minute to digest that.

Take another minute to digest the fact that some organically raised livestock are being feed these cross pollinated crops. Cross pollination is inevitable that’s how plants grow and produce. I mean unless we start building giant acre sized green houses to keep cross pollination from happening, it’s a fact of life. I mean we can’t control the wind and if the neighbor plants GMOs and you don’t then cross pollination on both sides is going to happen.

Now on the livestock front. I believe that you should not feed livestock growth or production increasing hormones, this is from an animal health stand point. Studies show that cows who are given the rBST or rBGH have birthing problems, and well as numerous other health problems. I can and will stay sources if you’d like.

I’m concerned, maybe not so much about the seeds themselves other than companies like Nature Valley claiming to be all natural while growing GMO crops. I mean that makes me angry, it’s not natural if it was genetically modified in a lab first.

But does a company trying to control what I eat, punishing farmers for improper use of seeds, and that tries to get laws passed so that labels that tell me what I’m eating are not allowed, worry me? Yes. But not for the reasons you maybe thinking. Yes I want healthy foods that haven’t been genetically altered. We’re people not gods and I don’t think we should go messing around with life and sustainment. Furthermore, some corporation is not going to tell me what I can and cannot eat. Nor are they going to monopolize the market so that I don’t have a choice. The fact that our government is allowing and encouraging this to happen pisses me off. This is to me about the freedom of choice. My choice and the farmer’s choice.

So yes I am angry. I am mad about being lied to. But mostly I am mad from a political stand point. The government does not know what’s best for me, quite the opposite in fact.