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Last year, in an effort to be more romantic and to get into the spirit of things, I played along with the Dating Divas and did “The 14 Days of Love.” It’s was great it, it was sweet, my husband loved all his gifts. But here’s the thing it was work, and after about day four it just became a huge hassle. I had to make sure he found the day’s gift while stilling hiding everything for the coming days. I mean never doubt that I love my husband and I like doing things for him. But the whole thing was just too much.

Anyway, I was on Pinterest tonight and there, right in front of me were another 100+ ways to plan Valentine’s Day. And I thought, “oh no, not again.”

So I began a discussion with Husby about how I really really don’t care about or for the day. And how it all really seems like too much work.

And here is where it gets funny. I proceeded to tell Husby how maintaining a relationship was like maintaining a car. That they both required routine maintenance or they’d fall a part. You can’t neglect your car or your spouse.

This is where Husby said he never wanted to hear how unromantic he was again. That he could take me to McDonald’s for our 50th wedding anniversary because I had likened our marriage to changing the oil in the car. 😉

I love my husband with my whole heart and I want to make it to 50 years together. But seriously, grand gestures wear me out. They’re very stressful to me, probably because I’m something of a perfectionist.

Regardless of that, my car analogy is still true, y’all. You have to maintain your relationship with your spouse. I mean your car’s going to stop running if you don’t changed the oil and add antifreeze when it needs it. Your relationship will fall apart if you don’t put some effort into it.

It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, but it has to be something.