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This particular post is mostly for my friends and relatives in regards to my recent education decisions. However; to my other readers, please continue reading as I’d love to hear any advice or encouragement that you may have.

I am feeling really good about my education choices now. To improve my future OU GPA I am retaking two classes at OCCC so that my new grades will replace the old grades. I am taking one new class, biology. This class is the only one I need to complete an associates in arts at OCCC. So the first two will improve my GPA and the last one will earn me one of my degrees.

I was feeling pretty sad about not being able to be an engineer. Now I am feeling really good about this decision. In a little less than three years I will be graduating from OU with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics. I can still pursue my love of science and math.

Furthermore, I just checked on the requirements to become a teacher through the state of Oklahoma without majoring in education. You have to have a bachelor’s in a given subject and take 18 semester hours of professional education classes. My degree track allows for 48 hours worth of electives. I am going to be talking to an advisor to see if the 18 education hours the state requires can be used as some of my elective hours. According to the degree sheet they just have to be faculty approved, and of certain division levels. I don’t imagine there will be any difficulties, but it never hurts to double check.

The state also requires some kind of teaching experience. I think I’ll spend my first year after graduation and maybe even my lighter class load semesters substitute teaching. I mean what better teaching experience is there than working for school districts ran by the state in which I want to become certified in? This will also give me the opportunity to find out whether or not I even really want to teach.

I would only be able to teach secondary education which is 6-12th grade. This is fine with me, I’ve never been good with children’s crafts. Or being around more than 5 small children at once.

I know that teaching, especially for the state of Oklahoma is a thankless job, and that it’ll probably take me two years’ worth of salary to make back the money I will be spending on my education. However; and maybe this be a bit pretentious of me, I want to make a difference in a student’s life. I had a pretty crappy public school experience. I also feel that I was not properly prepared for college despite taking advance placement classes. I want to try and help students better prepare. I’d also like to be there to encourage young girls into areas of STEM.

And if that doesn’t work, if the state of Oklahoma won’t grant me a teaching certificate or I decide I can’t teach for fear of murdering the little darlings, that’ll be ok. I could use my degree and still work in the engineering field, I could work in business administration, I could be an academic advisor at the local universities. Heck if I really really wanted to I could get my BA in math and then go back and get my BS in mechanical engineering. I would already have several of the needed classes. There are so many different opportunities to explore with this degree.

So, like I said, yes I am hurt that I didn’t succeed in my original degree track. And yes I feel like I let myself and my family down. I also feel that in a way the university let me down.

You see it was only ever my OU grades that were bad. I’d never failed a class before until I transferred to OU. But that’s all water under the bridge now.

To help me stay on track and stay focused and not get down on what could have beens, I think I’m going to fill my walls with all things motivational. Because I know there are great things ahead for my Tom and I.

Speaking of my wonderful, sometimes pain in the rear husby, I really owe him a thank you. I briefly but very seriously considered dropping out of college entirely and not completing a degree in anything. He would have accepted my decision no matter what it was, so long as it didn’t hurt us financially and I was happy.