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So, it’s been really really cold lately. I hear the it’s that way across the nation and some media outlet or other has termed this the “Polar Vortex.” Anyway, my response to this is to make lots of soups and stews.


2 lbs beef stew meat

3 large potatoes

1 12ounce bag of frozen mixed veggies(you could also use canned, just adjust the water amounts)

1 medium onion

6 tbs or 2 packages brown gravy mix

2 cups water

Here’s a tip when using a Crock Pot, buy the liners. You can find them next to the oven bags. They save you a ton of time on clean up. I also apologize in advance for the missing photos. I have no idea what happen to all of the photos that I took.

IMG_0794 IMG_0793 IMG_0792 IMG_0791 IMG_0790 IMG_0795As you can see I just dumbed everything in my Crock Pot and turned it on. I usually cook everything on high, this way it takes about 6 hours to cook. But it depends on when you start it and what time you would like to eat.