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The temperatures have started to drop here in Oklahoma, which means that the last couple of nights we have lit fires in the fireplace. Because we’ve started using the fireplace again I had to throw together more fire starters. We use these both while camping and at home. I’m sure many of ya’ll know about this little trick already. However, for those of you who have forgotten or have never seen these before, here it is.

You can make your own fire starters out of stuff you would normally throw away. All you do is save the paper towel, toilet paper, and wrapping paper cardboard rolls and your dryer lint. Stuff the lint into the rolls. That’s it, you’re done. Another helpful trick is when using them, stand them vertically instead of laying them flat.


I keep a basket on top of the dryer to put the lint in after I clean out the dryer vent.


IMG_0785Here’s all the toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving. I placed little baskets in the bathroom cabinets to put the empty rolls in.



Here’s what the inside of a stuffed roll looks like. I’ve found if you back the rolls too tightly they never catch fire.



This miniature harvest basket sits by the fireplace with all our fire starters. Can you tell I have a thing for baskets? They keep things so tidy and still manage to look nice. I hate the look of plastic totes. But that’s an entirely different blog post.  Anyway, I hope these little boogers help ya’ll out during the coming chilly season, as well as while camping.