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What says “southern belle” more than a wide brimmed hat with your initials monogram on it? Why, nothing of course. Wide brim hats are a wardrobe staple for a lady in the south. They help keep the sun off your face and shoulders when you’re out on the lawn, by the pool, or at the beach. Add your grandmother’s pearls and a cocktail dress and you’re ready for that wedding rehearsal dinner.

There’s a little online boutique that offers just about anything a lady could want as far as monogrammed accessories go. It’s where I found this darling little hat.

monogrammed-floppy-hat-personalizedIsn’t it charming? Why, a bride could have these made for each of her bridesmaids in colors that coordinated with her wedding. They’d make the perfect gift and add charm to an outdoor wedding.


Oh, I am just so in love with this whole idea. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. I’ve coordinated mine to the colors of my Alma Mater. It’s going to look darling with my game day dresses for all the home football games.

monogrammed-sun-hatSee what I mean about the versatility of this hat? Can’t you just see it, you’re sitting by the pool, at the beach, or on a cruise ship and you’re the picture of gracious southern style.

Stop by http://www.personalizedfrommetoyou.com to order your own version of this treasure.


Nearly a year to the day, I’m finally adding a photo of my hat. It arrived in the mail probably a month after I posted this blog. I absolutely love my hat, it’s gone everywhere with me. As a matter of fact it’s going with me to my favorite vacation spot next month.


As ya’ll can see I kept with the tradition monogram style for a married woman. My first initial and maiden initial are at the ends, while the initial for my married name is in the middle and larger. I’m such a sucker for tradition.