For 21 years of my life, I’ve had dogs. My first dog, Lazy Lady Booboo was with me when my mom lost her legs and then her battle with diabetes. They sat with Husby and I for the bedside vigils my dad’s last week before he died. They laid next to him until the funeral home came and got his body. They were my shadows the days following his death. My point is my pups have always been then trying to help me feel better. Tonight is no exception, Charlie sat on the couch with me for awhile. He just got down to get a drink and Tramp took his spot. I’m stuck on the couch unless Husby helps me since I hurt my knee. I’m so thankful that I have the pups to keep me company. I don’t know anyone else who’d sit beside me for hours in silence just to give comfort.


First Day of Class


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So I expected to see strong feminist leanings in a class titled; “Women in the American West.” I did not expect to see it on the very first day in the very first reading. Could we have eased into the whole “all men are scum who wish to oppress and objectify woman” narrative?

This phrase in the reading tells me all I need to know about how this class is going to go.

“…who find in her either a tool or a victim of Anglo-patriarchal oppression.”

“Anglo-patriarchal oppression”

I’m going to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut in this class. But I need the A and it’s all paper based assignments. There’s no memorizing anything. The two exams are take home exams and we get a week to complete them.

*Source Mirrored Archetypes The Contrasting Cultural Roles of La Malinche and Pocahontas
by Kristina Downs

Preparing For the Semester


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Operation get all the laundry done before bedtime has been completed. Now on to operations get all the dishes done by bedtime, get all the clean clothes put away by bedtime, and clean house by bedtime.

I want this all to be done in case my homework, work, football season, and ice skate lessons loads are so much, I only get once a week to clean.

Oh crap! I have do the weekly menu too!

It may seem like I’m over reacting, but I work until 6pm M-F and have classes M-F in the morning. My commute is such that there will not be much time between the two for studying. Which will leave the evenings.

I already know that the homework load for my math class will be insane. And I’m not sure my boss will let me work on homework between deliveries. The reading and paper writing he might. The calculus? Not likely.

And I know I should be seeing to my chores right now, but a girl needs a break.

I love to the Moon and Mac and Cheese


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So I was super craving mac and cheese, but too lazy to cook some. Well, we didn’t have the stuff to make any, anyways. So, we drove to Walmart and bought my favorite frozen version. Then Husby saw the beautiful moon and wanted a picture. So we drive out past the city lights so I could get a picture for him. Then we came home, totally forgetting we were going to get McDonald’s chicken nuggets to go with our mac and cheese. So we turn around and head to get nuggets. Now we are going something we never do, eating in the living room. We’re about to watch some classic Smurf episodes. Husby and I truly complete each other. We drove to opposite ends of town to obtain what the other wanted tonight and we didn’t think twice about the requests.



I Hate Feminists


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Yes you read that right. And cue a fight and lots of hate mail in 3 2 1…..

Have ya’ll seen the new Nine West ads that are about to come out? The ones that feature the “walk of shame,” “husband hunting,” and what is it, drunch? Something about being drunk at lunch time, not sure what that one is about. Anyway, I hear feminists are making a huge out cry. I saw it here in Oklahoma on Facebook. A local news channel did a Facebook article about the ad champaign.

And if course someone had to bring up “women’s issues” and then they mentioned how only the men were saying things like “suck it up” or “get over it.”

So I a woman will say it. Suck it up, build a bridge, and get over it.

Can’t feminists see they are hurting their “cause?” No really, they’ve become laughing stocks and men and woman a like are making fun of and bashing them. Feminatzi anyone?

Every man is out to get them, even if he’s an infant. Bashing celebs when they say they’re not feminists because they like men? Well if feminists wouldn’t act so crazy and try to be all “men are evil and most be controlled,” fewer celebs would say “I’m not a feminist.”

They have distorted their own image from what it was about in the 1920s. I would say Susan B Anthony is rolling over in her grave right now.

I am not a feminist and I never have been one. I am a housewife and I call the shots in our home. I control the money. I pay all our bills. I call plumbers and electricians. I choose what and when we eat. I am in no way repressed.

I like men, they’re really stupid sometimes, but most are not out to “put me in my place.” The ones who were? Yea, they’re still trying to figure out where the verbal 2×4 came from and how a woman out smarted them.

And now I’m going to share the link and image of my comment and what prompted the comment.

Nine West Ad

To protect the identity of these woman and since I’m on my phone, I just cropped all names and profile photos out.




The last image is my comment and pretty much says it all. Seriously? Can we focus on more important issues?

Learning to Run


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I started using couch to 5k today. I have the app synced with Facebook and My Fitness Pal. I know that a lot of people hate seeing other’s “bro look at me and my gym obsession” posts. However, this is really important to me and those who know me know that running can be and often is, painful for me. So, the fact that I started and actually finished an entire 30 minute “running” session is pretty freaking awesome.

I’m just really afraid I’ll get a lot of flack from people for posting my finished workout statuses. How do ya’ll feel about this? Are “I just worked out” posts annoying cries for attention or a genuine desire to want to share accomplishments?

Advising and New College Start.


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Met with my new OU advisor. If I play my cards right it looks like I’ll be off of probation by the spring semester. Also, I am at upper division classes only. And I’m mad because every single advisor at both OCCC and OU lied to me, my associates of science doesn’t not in fact get me out of a foreign language. So looks like I’ll be taking 15 hours of Choctaw. The other good news? If I take inter session and summer classes, even with the language classes, I could still graduate in Spring 2016. So I guess prepare to not see or hear from me for a year. Because between my two jobs and going to class year round, I will have absolutely no free time. But I have to do this, it is so important to our future that I graduate. I will remain strong and I will pass all my classes. And this time around, I know that if it looks like I’m going to fail, just drop the class. Money can be remade, it’s harder to fix my GPA.


So I had a giant list of things to blog about after I got back from vacation. And I did manage to write a couple of those posts. Then I just got super busy, between starting a new job, ice skating lessons, and just typical life things. In another couple of weeks it’s going to get even busier around here. College classes start on the 19th.  I’m only taking two classes this semester for a total of 7 hours, which is more like 23 hours when you factor in homework and studying. Husby will be TAing classes again, was well as working on his dissertation.

I’m also going to start working out and stick to it this time. I plan on starting C25K(Couch to 5k), I’ll go for my first run this evening. So you might get a few posts about how I think I’m dying. ;) Anyway, my goal is to trying to do at least two new posts a week. I doubt that they will be on any set day, but I do have a goal.

Estes Park Shuttle Service


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The other day I shared with ya’ll how Estes has a free shuttle services that go to various locations around town. I wanted to go into more detail about it. It’s such a great service.

The shuttle service offers six different routes known as loops. Each one is denoted by color, with the exception of the one that goes into RMNP.


All six shuttles stop at the Estes Park Visitors Center. This allows you to park without having to mess with downtown traffic. Besides the visitors center is a great place to stop in any way.

Estes Shuttle map


The first loop is known as the Silver Loop, this shuttle will take you into the non tourist part of town. It does stop at a few hotels and resorts. It also stops at the Estes Park Museum as well as the fairgrounds. Most major events are held at the fairgrounds, so this is a great stop.

Silver Shuttle 2


The next loop is the Gold Star or Gold Loop. This loop is strictly downtown. There are several stops along Elk Horn Avenue, which is where all the shops are. If you never use any of the other shuttles, use this one. It’ll save you time and aggravation. Parking in downtown Estes is terrible and pedestrians will run out in front of you. Another great feature of the Gold Star Loop is that you ride on a trolley as opposed to a minibus. I wish I’d taken a picture of the inside, it still has the classic park bench style seats.

Gold Star


The third loop is the Blue Loop, this route takes you to the lodging on the Eastside of town. This includes the lower level of Stanley Village, up a short hill is a grocery store, making this loop super convenient if you’re staying at the KOA, as it stops there as well. The views aren’t anything to write home about. However; again it’ll save you a lot of aggravation if you catch the shuttle into town.



The fourth loop is the Red Loop, this loop goes up Fall River Road. It’s stops are dispersed at the various lodgings along the road. This includes the restaurant Northwest of our hotel that we would get on and off at. Another stop this shuttle made was the Fall River Road RMNP Visitor’s Center. It’s definitely worth stopping in for a visit, there’s even a cafe.

Red Loop


The final around town loop is the Brown Loop. This loop takes to you to most of the RV Parks that are in Estes, as well as one of the other grocery stores. Another stop it makes is the YMCA of the Rockies, which is where most of the large groups stay. It too stops at another RMNP   visitor’s center.



The final shuttle is the Hiker’s Shuttle. This is the only shuttle that actually takes you into RMNP. Keep in mind if you want to get into the park it’s $25 for a week-long access pass. But the shuttle will drop you off at the trail heads to some of the main trails. This I believe includes Longs Peak. But I’m not 100% sure.


Keep in mind the shuttles may not always stop exactly were you want to be, but you can usually get in walking distance of it. Anyway, I hope this helps you out if you ever make the trip to Estes Park, Co.

Pulling Up


For more detailed information about the shuttle services you can check out the official website. Estes Park Shuttle Service

Estes Park, Last Day

Well, today was our last day of vacation. Tomorrow night I’ll be sitting in a hotel in Dodge City, Ks. So, this is my last night to sit and listen to the river while I write. Today was a great last day, despite the fact that it rained most of the afternoon. We’d done all our walking stuff the last few days and this morning so the rain didn’t matter to us.

We did so much today I am having a hard time deciding where to start. If I start rambling, I apologize in advance. I guess I’ll start off with the fact that I bought something that I hope will make this blog better. I’m always thinking of thinks I’d like to share with ya’ll when I’m not around a computer. The problem is, by the time I am around a computer and can write a post, I’ve forgotten whatever it was I wanted to share. So, I bought a notebook just for making notes for the blog. I took a bunch of notes today, that’s why I’m not sure where to start. Hmmm, maybe I’ve created a completely separate problem. Well, crap.

Yesterday, quite by accident we discovered that there is a brewery in town. I’m not sure how I missed it, we found it when my aunt missed the turn for the aerial tram. We are huge fans of micro brews. We were unable to do a tasting, but I did buy a six pack at a local store. Their Park Gold, which is an amber ale is absolutely amazing. When I called Husby tonight to tell him about it he wanted me to go buy more to bring home. We made it to the liquor store about 10 minutes ’til closing time. I bought another six pack of Park Gold. I also bought a six pack of their Stinger Wild Honey Wheat and one of their Longs Peak Raspberry Wheat. I haven’t tried either yet, I’m going to wait until I’m back home with Husby. I’ll let ya’ll know when we try them.

Ya’ll I’m getting kinda sleepy and we are packin’ up and movie’ out early tomorrow morning. So I will just share some photos from today with brief descriptions and call it a night. I have a couple of post planned for later that about some of the things we did today. There’s just too much to cram into one post.


Rain clouds over town.


The aerial tram riding up the mountain into the rain.

Driving back into town, hence back into the rain.

The road into RMNP. Sorry for all the cloud photos, I just think it’s a lovely perspective.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA micro shot I took during my hike.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHummingbird right outside our room this afternoon.


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